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June 25, 2020
Debonie Thompson

Gary R Miller – Agency Owner & Principal

Amazon Best Selling Author “Taming CHAOS – A Parable on Decision Making;” Former Adjunct Professor in Risk Management, Fox School of Business, Temple University; Certified Insurance Counselor CIC; West Point Graduate & Citizen Soldier; Passionate about Insurance.

I am sharing a perspective on how America will march through the challenges we face today with COVID-19 and the on-going social unrest.  History is a great teacher for all of us that should remind each one of us “how we can heal and pass through” these tough times.  As the poet Robert Frost wrote in “The Road Not Taken,” America has arrived at another “fork in the road and now our great Nation must look at our past history to help us decide whether we should decide to walk on and pass through on the “Road Less Traveled.”

Recently, I wrote a story for our extended Miller Family to encourage our children and grandchildren that history is a great teacher for learning “how to” make good decisions and what our attitudes and perspectives should embrace when we are living through “tough and challenging times” similar to the present.  I am sharing my story, written through the lens of my grandparents, who were born during the time period of 1898 – 1904. Our grandparents and parents experienced and learned in living through the challenges of life that “This too Shall Pass!”


I invite you to read, reflect and offer any comments that you would like to share.

All the best!

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