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June 20, 2023
Debonie Thompson

The Miller Financial Group Blog

Welcome to The Miller Financial Group blog!

This is our first post. Our intention is to provide our visitors and clients content that will educate, inform and discuss topics which will encourage a conversation and dialogue.Blog Post

We hope our blog will attract your interest and become a reservoir of ideas, suggestions and updates on relevant topics that we want to share with you, so that we can have an exchange of ideas.  We hope our visitors and clients will visit our blog frequently and consider this resource as a location on the web where you will find topics of interest as indicated below and share this with your family, friends and business associates.  It is our hope that our blog will be valued and a place which will engage your interest and help you make better decisions as you manage risk and uncertainty.

Below are a few topics we plan to share with you:

  • Answers to clients’ frequently asked questions.
  • Helpful information to consider when shopping and evaluating insurance options.
  • Current Health and Safety Tips and Ideas.
  • Items of interest to our Local Community.
  • Content that will be fun to read and “light hearted” in tone.

We hope you will visit often and find this blog a frequent place to come!

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