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Let’s have a conversation to discuss and review your household or business financial objectives and planning needs to secure your future from the risk and uncertainties that could lead to financial loss and impair the household or business income – revenue stream. We welcome the opportunity to guide and provide counsel to you as you explore and consider the alternative solutions for the insurance protection needed for the unexpected death of a loved one, sickness or disease resulting in a disability or the inability to perform activities of daily living, requiring long term care, or the financial hardships faced by your household or business due to the financial challenges with growing your financial reserves that will be needed in the future for medical emergencies, loss of employment, or even the economic uncertainties that may diminish your retirement assets, due to the volatility of interest rates, market risk that affects the growth of your investments assets, and other unexpected financial events that impair your long term savings, resulting in “outliving” your need for additional income during your retirement and the twilight years of living.

What is the role of a Financial Advisor?

A financial advisor is a professional who listens, educates, instructs and guides households and businesses to consider alternative financial plans to secure their future from the risks and uncertainties that we all face at every stage of living. These financial plans often review and monitor cash flow needs, market performance of your investments, the components of your retirement plans, financial risk management, the examination and selection of affordable and sound insurance products, evaluation of the effects of time, interest rates and taxation affecting your financial plans, your financial, legal and tax strategies needed to preserve the wealth that you have grown and accumulated in your estate. Additionally, it is prudent to recognize the risks and uncertainties that business owners face when the time comes for the need of the firm to make a change of a key decision maker, when triggered by events calling for the implementation and execution of business succession.

Insurance and ​Financial Products

We have indicated below several insurance and financial products that are available to be utilized when designing a financial plan.

  • Annuities – Fixed Annuities, Indexed Annuities, Income Annuities, & Retirement Annuities
  • IRAs – Rollover IRAs, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs & SEP IRAs
  • Life Insurance – Term Life Insurance, Permanent or “Whole Life” Insurance or Universal Life Insurance.
  • Workplace Retirement Plans – 401k Plans, 403b Plans, 457 Plans & SEP IRAs.
  • College Savings Plans – 529 Plans & Education Savings Plans
  • Employee Benefits Plans – Critical Illness, Accident Insurance, Group Life Insurance, Group Disability Insurance.
  • Disability Income (DI) Insurance
  • Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance​

We welcome the opportunity to guide you and provide counsel as you explore and consider the alternatives needed to secure you, your family or business from the risks and uncertainties at every stage of life.

Contact The Miller Financial Group today to learn more about how suitable business insurance can help protect your financial services company.

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